RMGB Top Up Home Loan Scheme - for any personal purpose such as meeting expenditure on education, marriage, health care, repair/renovation/furnishing of the house, etc. other than speculative purpose.

Eligibility: Two categories of Home Loan customers/ borrowers will be eligible for availing Home Top Up Loan:

Ø  Category 1:

  • All new Home Loan customers, acquiring Ready to move in Properties, simultaneously along with new Home Loans and all existing Home Loan customers having less than 12 months satisfactory repayment track record provided-
  •  Home Loan limit is more than Rs. 10 Lac
  •   Where the Market Value of the property as per the Valuation Report obtained at the time of sanction of Home Loan is minimum 10% more than the ‘Value’ mentioned in ‘Agreement to Sale’ or ‘Sale Agreement’
  •  Possession of the property has either already been taken and mortgage on the property has been created or possession of the property and mortgage in favor of the Bank is expected to be completed before disbursement of Top-up Loan


Ø  Category 2:

All existing Home Loan customers with a satisfactory repayment record of at least one year provided possession of the house has been taken by the customer and valid mortgage has been created in favor of the Bank.

Note: - Repayment track record of the borrower in other Bank/HFCs will continue to be considered for RMGB Home Top-Up Loan eligibility in case of Takeover loans.


Loan Amount for Category-1 customers:RMGB Home Top-Up Loan amount will be restricted to the specified percentage to the underlying Home Loan amount, as mentioned hereunder, subject to minimum Top-up Loan amount of Rs. 2 Lac and maximum of Rs. 50 Lac.

Loan Amount for Category-2 customers:Minimum Rs. 2 lac & maximum Rs. 2 Crore