“RMGB Personal Loan Scheme”

This Loan comes with plenty of benefits. To ease the burden of paying off the loan immediately, one may opt for this Facility and we are giving best rates on this loan as compare to other Banks. With a quick approval on personal loans, one can see aspirations turn into reality! 

  • This Scheme aims to take care of Personal needs of salary class customers for their Medical Expenditure, Tours, and Personal Purpose etc.
  • Eligibility - All permanent employees with minimum 2-year service of Central/State Government, Quasi Government Bodies, Central PSUs, Profit making state PSUs, Reputated Private Institutions/Organizations/Industry except Nagar Nigam/ Palika/Parishad and Roadways, maintaining salary account with RMGB/SBI
  • Facility - Term Loan
  • Quantum of Loan - 24 Months of Net Take Home Salary or Rs. 20.00 Lac whichever is lower
  • Repayment - 84 Months or Residual service period whichever is earlier
  • now available @ 9.60% onwards