All the business units who wish to avail loan for manufacturing and service activities are covered under this scheme. In this scheme customer can avail both Fund based and Non-fund based facility. Customer can avail loan for Working Capital, fixed assets needed for business purpose, Capacity expansion, modernization, technology up-gradation etc.    

  • Eligible Customers: All the business units covered under MSMED Act 2006 & wholesale and Retails Trade.
  • Type of facility: To meet the Working Capital and/or Term Loan requirement of the firm/Company.
  • Purpose: To purchase plant & machinery, Equipments, Construction, working capital requirement.  
  • Quantum of Finance: Minimum Rs. 10.00 lacs and maximum of Rs. 500.00 lacs.
  • Interest Rate: available @8.40% onwards.
  • Repayment of term loan is permitted for maximum of 84 Months.