Districts Marked in color represents operation area of RMGB.


Key Highlights of Geographical Area:-

  • Population of Districts covered by us is approx. 50% of State population.
  • The rainfall is scantly ranging from 12 cm. to 63 cm approx. per year. The main sources of irrigation are dug/tube wells and canals.
  • Major canal projects like Gang Canal, Bhakara and Indira Gandhi Canal provides irrigation to Sriganganagar, Jaisalmer and Hanumangarh districts. Jawai Canal irrigates some parts of Pali and Jalore Districts while Narmada canal irrigates some part of Barmer and Jalore districts, rest all area depends on rainfall.

Economic Activities:-

  • Agriculture and animal husbandry are main economic activities in the area. Agriculture by and large depends upon monsoon.
  • The soil of the area is sandy to alluvial and main crops of the area are Bajra, Maize, Jawar, Oilseeds, Wheat, cotton and Pulses.
  • With the increase in technological inputs, transportation facilities and means of communications some farmers have shown inclination towards cash crops like Jeera, Isbgol, Tomato, Potato etc. besides Ayurvedic medicines related crops like Safed-Musli, Sona-Mukhi etc.